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Assessment Tools

Assessment tools are a powerful way to  expand the awareness of individuals and teams and to develop new skills and perspectives. The following are some of the tools that we are certified to administer:
 The Extended DISC

The Extended DISC ® System is an on-line set of integrated tools for enhancing individual, team and organizational performance. Click on the links below to see sample reports:

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis

Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis

Extended DISC® Team Analysis

Extended DISC® 360 Feedback

 Lominger VOICES® 360 Degree Feedback

This on-line leadership assessment allows feedback from boss, peers, direct reports and customers. It uses 67 Competencies and 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers. A comprehensive report of over 100 pages is provided and reviewed with a certified facilitator.

 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI® is a very versatile instrument, which can be used in consultation with our certified facilitators. It is widely used for many purposes including:

Individual Development – Identifying leadership style, developing managerial potential, time and stress management, and executive coaching

Team Building and Team Development – Improving communication, enhancing team problem solving, valuing diversity and resolving conflict

Organizational Change – Understanding and dealing with responses to rapid change, understanding team and corporate conflict

Improving Communication – Developing selling and influencing skills

Career Counselling – Identifying learning styles and motivations, improving teaching and training methods, and providing career guidance

 Drexler-Sibbett Team Performance Survey

This powerful survey enables a team to assess their performance and identify opportunities to increase their effectiveness. Team members complete a 72 question survey to assess key issues such as trust, clarity of goals and roles, commitment, implementation effectiveness and synergy. Results are usually discussed as part of a workshop with the team.

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