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Executive/Management Coaching

A coach, works with an executive or manager to help them achieve their goals, unlock their potential and increase their effectiveness. Just as Olympic athletes have a coach to help them to excel, leaders deserve the same level of focus and support.

Today’s leaders face many challenges – unclear and changing roles, a turbulent marketplace, endless meetings, organizational conflicts and employees that want challenging and interesting projects. With these challenges, self-awareness, learning and growth are essential to success and also to your satisfaction. Finding and developing your own leadership style is key to harnessing your talents and making you both effective and passionate about your work. However, many leaders find it difficult to spend time on themselves and lack the tools (see assessments), methods and resources to build their capabilities. The result is a leadership style based more on habit than by design. Partnership with a coach brings a focus to design new behaviors and perspectives that enable leaders to close the gap between who they are and who they could be.


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What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of discovery – about you and about possibilities for more effective action. A coaching relationship is a partnership that provides a safe and confidential place to reflect and increase self-awareness. It is also an opportunity to explore new perspectives and to build capacities in the areas where you want to grow. A coach helps to keep the focus on your goals amidst the sea of your other responsibilities. Each coaching relationship is also unique and tailored for your particular goals.

The coach encourages and acknowledges you and your breakthroughs and growth. They challenge you to explore beliefs, assumptions, habits, and blind spots in order to expand your self-awareness and to design new perspectives and behaviors. They will confront you on things, which you may be ignoring and to stretch you in ways that may be uncomfortable, but enable breakthroughs and growth. However, you always call the shots. It is a great feeling to have a coach committed to your success.

Some examples of areas of coaching:

  • Leadership Development

  • Support in achieving a challenging goal

  • Developing confidence and capability in a new role

  • Dealing with conflict in organization and teams

  • Improving skills (communication, listening, influence, negotiating, time management, etc.)

  • Bringing out the best in your people

  • Designing a more meaningful role that maximizes your talents and interests

How does it work?

Coaching takes place in conversations, which typically last 45-60 minutes on a weekly basis. As follow-up to each session, you work on the application of new perspectives and behaviors back at work. Each coaching project typically lasts 3-6 months depending on the goals of the coaching.

You are invited to TRY A FREE 30 MIN. SAMPLE SESSION to experience coaching for yourself.

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