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Workshops and Courses

We specialize in custom designing workshops to address your real business issues and achieve the results you desire. Our more popular workshops include:

Leadership - Managing Things and Leading People (3.5 days)

Businesses need managers with both management and leadership skills to survive and succeed. In many of todayís organizations, employees are over-managed and under-led. Managers moving up the organizationís hierarchy face a major challenge: to pull out of operational management duties and develop their people while focusing on strategic leadership duties. Leadership skills, abilities, and behaviors are essential competencies for senior managers. (This course is offered through the Sprott School of Business Professional Programs at Carleton University)

Team Performance Assessment Workshop (1 day)

A team assessment (Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance Survey) is conducted prior to the workshop. The workshop reviews the assessment results relative to a team effectiveness model and develops actions to increase team effectiveness.

Myers-Briggs for Teams (1 day)

Participants complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator prior to the workshop. The workshop focuses on understanding the type differences and how to increase team effectiveness in communications, decision-making and problem-solving.

Extended DISC for Teams (1 day)

Participants complete the Extended DISC profile prior to the workshop. The workshop increases awareness regarding your own personality style (motivators, communication and decision-making preferences, attitudes to change and risk) and the styles of other team members. Ideas are developed on how to work more effectively with other styles.

Lessons Learned Retrospective (0.5 - 1 day)

This workshop enables project participants to reflect and learn from the history of a project. A structured process is used to review the project history and understand the elements that worked and didnít work, as well as what they would do differently.

Coaching Skills (1 day)

This management workshop is experiential in nature and focuses on the development of coaching skills (listening, building relationships, designing questions, shifting perspectives, and building commitment).

Change Management (0.5 day)

Participants learn and apply theories and strategies of change management to implement effective change in their organizations.

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